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Great For Masking Vehicles

Can Have Different Adhesive Properties On Each Side 

Strong Bond For Heavy
Spray Applications 

Drywall Spray Texture
DoubleTaper Makes Double-Sided Tape
Automotive Paint Masking
DoubleTaper Dispenser


DoubleTaper Masking Dispenser
Make Double-Sided Tape
For Quick And Efficient Paint Masking


The Double-Sided Tape Maker

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Double Taper Masking Dispense

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Introducing the ProTekt Tools DoubleTaper Masking Dispenser

Your Ultimate Solution for Seamless Paint Masking!

Are you tired of the hassle and limitations of traditional hand-masking? Say hello to DoubleTaper, the double-sided tape maker, your game-changing tool for supercharging production.


 Endless Possibilities: No more restrictions to small, costly rolls of plastic sheeting. With the DoubleTaper, you can effortlessly attach any masking material—whether it's large painters' plastic rolls, heavy 4-6 mil thick sheeting, or various types of paper, cardboard, poster-board, foam-board, insulation and more.


Key feature: You can customize adhesive properties using two different types of tape. Use a high quality removable tape on delicate surfaces combined with a high tack adhesive tape to hold plastic sheeting. 

Utilize a wide variety of masking tapes, duct tapes, poly tapes, packaging tapes, etc. to suit your project’s requirements.


Lightning-Fast Setup: Outline your desired area with tape and attach masking materials in mere seconds. Perfect for precision work on kitchen cabinetry, extensive walls, ceilings, or containment barriers. Also great for masking vehicles, large trucks, aerospace and marine craft.


 Robust Performance: The DoubleTaper creates a rock-solid bond that can hold large thick, heavy sheeting, withstand intense airflow, excessive moisture, and heavy spray materials like drywall texture spray. Its airtight seal controls overspray, fumes, dust, airflow, and moisture, slashing time, labor, and material costs by up to 75%.


Elevate your masking game, boost efficiency, and watch your bottom line soar with the ProTekt Tools DoubleTaper Masking Dispenser. Whether you're bidding competitively or aiming for quicker job completion, this tool is your secret weapon.

Ready to transform your painting and contracting business? Don't wait! Order your DoubleTaper Masking Dispenser to experience unmatched speed and precision in your projects. Don't miss out on this game-changing innovation!

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ProTekt Tools Videos

ProTekt Tools Videos
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Infomercial Video

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Intro to DoubleTaper

Intro to DoubleTaper

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DoubleSided Tape Maker

DoubleSided Tape Maker

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Windy Masking

Windy Masking

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Automotive Paint Masking

Automotive Paint Masking

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Work Tent To Prevent Contamination

Work Tent To Prevent Contamination

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Drywall Spray Application In Kitchen
ProTekt Double-Sided Masking Dispenser
Collision Repair Paint Prep
Masking Cabinets
Atherton Kitchen Dust Protection
Paint Masking On Blue Truck
Automotive Paint Masking
High Ceiling Dust_ Overspray Containment
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Atherton Kitchen Protection
Compatible With Many Adhesive Tapes
Use different kinds of tape to attach a variety of materials
Use Many Different Combinations Of Tape

Make Double-Sided Tape From Your Favorite, Readily Available Tapes.

Quickly attach any masking materials including, painter's plastic, masking film, paper, heavyweight 1-6 mil. thick plastic sheeting in half the usual time.


Use masking tape, duct tape, packaging tape etc., use any 1/2" up to 2 "inch wide tape with standard 3" inch core.

Strong, airtight bond withstands intense airflow, holds heavy sheeting and spray materials build-up. 

Blocks overspray, fumes, dust, moisture, contamination.

Increase efficiency, quality and speed up production.

Save up to 75% in labor and materials costs when compared to other tools and methods. 

1. Apply double-sided tape to perimeter.

2. Attach masking materials.

 Applications And Industries

  • Industrial/ commercial and residential painting


  • Aerospace/ marine/ automotive painting


  • Dust/ air/ fume control, asbestos abatement, lead remediation, mold and contaminant remediation, moisture isolation


  • Quarantine/ emergency containment/ isolation barriers/ disaster relief 


  • Home remodels, drywall, stucco protection 


  • Attaching notes, posters, advertising etc...



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