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ProTekt Tools Masking Equipment

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Cutting Edge Tape Innovation
For Paint Masking And Containment Barriers


Double-Sided Masking Dispenser
Double Taper Is Valuable Tool That Will Dramatically Speed Up Your Masking Process.

Quickly Attach A Wide Variety Of Materials Including 9-12ft x 400ft
 Rolls Of Painters Plastic, Heavy 1-6mil Thick Sheeting, Paper, Cardboard And Much More. 

Make Double-Sided Tape From Your Existing Supply Of Tape.
Attach Masking Materials Directly To The Tape In An Instant. 

Thousands Of Painters Have Already Discovered This Game Changing Innovation To Increase Production, Elevate Quality And Gain A Competitive Edge.
See What ProTekt Tools Can Do For Your Next Project And Try A DoubleTaper Today!


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Double Taper Masking Dispense
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ProTekt Tools Reviews
ProTekt Tools Reviews
ProTekt Tools Reviews
ProTekt Tools Reviews

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Introducing the ProTekt Tools DoubleTaper

Your Ultimate Solution for Seamless Paint Masking!

Our Double-Sided Masking Dispenser is a game-changing tool for supercharging production.


Endless Possibilities: No more restrictions to small, costly rolls of masker film designed for traditional hand-maskers. With the DoubleTaper, you can effortlessly attach any kind of masking material— including 9-12ft x 400 ft. rolls of painters plastic, heavy 4-6 mil thick sheeting for abatement, or various types of paper, cardboard, poster-board, foam-board, insulation, notes, artwork and more.


Key feature: You can customize adhesive properties on both sides by using two different types of tape. Use a high quality removable tape on delicate surfaces combined with a high tack adhesive tape to hold plastic sheeting. 

Utilize a wide variety of masking tapes, duct tapes, poly tapes, packaging tapes, etc. to suit your project’s requirements.


Lightning-Fast Setup: Outline your desired area with tape and attach masking materials in an instant. Perfect for precision work on kitchen cabinetry, extensive walls, ceilings, or containment barriers. Also great for masking vehicles, large trucks, aerospace and marine craft.


 Robust Performance: The DoubleTaper creates a strong, reliable bond and airtight seal between the surface and masking material that can hold large thick, heavy sheeting, withstand intense airflow, excessive moisture, and heavy spray materials like drywall texture spray. Its airtight seal controls overspray, fumes, dust, airflow, and moisture, slashing time, labor, and material costs by up to 75%.


Elevate your masking process, boost efficiency, and watch your bottom line soar. Whether you're bidding competitively or aiming for quicker job completion, this tool is your secret weapon for success.

Ready to transform your painting and contracting business? Don't miss out on this game-changing innovation.

Order your DoubleTaper Masking Dispenser today!

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