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Instructions For Using Your ProTekt Tools Double Taper

Please follow these instructions to get the best performance from your Double Taper Masking Dispenser.

Periodically check the tightness of bolts for the handle, moving parts, weaving idlers and tape mandrels. Lubricate with silicone lubricant, especially after 6 months so parts keep spinning well over time. Occasionally, tape glue will stick the rollers and can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

Always use fresh tape, free from damage, UV/ heat exposure, moisture etc...

Can use .25" - .75" - 1" - 1.5" - 2" wide tapes.
Adjust the tape overlap by sliding the tape rolls up the mandrels.

To reduce the overlap for wider 1.5" - 2" wide tapes,  slide the tape up 1/4" on the higher mandrel.

To increase the overlap when using narrower .25" - .75" wide tapes, slide the tape up on the lower base platform mandrel until the tape overlaps the roll on the higher mandrel by at least 1/8".

Please watch the videos below and read the additional instructions on how to load and cut the tapes.

Thank you! 


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